Apple Tumble?


My allotment chum Phoebe had pushed this pile of windfalls under the field hedge so the wildlife could tuck in and be sheltered. I spotted them other day, spilling through the undergrowth into the field, and instantly thought of the Andrew Wyeth water colour ‘Frosted Apples’. I didn’t have a camera with me that day, and anyway the light was poor, but I caught them instead a couple of days ago, the afternoon sunshine tumbling after them.

17 thoughts on “Apple Tumble?

      1. Drop a note to Father Christmas and ask him to get your bookshop to send you ‘A Conspiracy of Ravens’. It is such a fabulous collection of collective nouns!

      2. Oh lovely you. That sounds just the job. This year our family gathering has decided that books will be the only presents between us – new or second hand. Each of us will provide at least 3 titles to go into a lucky dip. After that, people can stick, haggle or swap, and anyway pass them on. A sort of secret Santa book deal!

      3. this is such a brilliant idea, oh I love this. Might try it ourselves. By the way abe books is a great place for secondhand, and you will be supporting mostly small businesses buying that way

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