The Monochrome Garden In November


Of course November in the northlands comes up with its own monochromal schemes. But yesterday and this morning there was and is bright sunshine, and since this week’s black and white theme at Cee’s is things we sit on, I thought I’d take a few photos (using the monochrome setting on my camera) of the back garden seat, which if not beautiful, has its moments in certain lights and with the sage growing through it. It is also of great utility on warmer days and we have indeed sat on it a fair amount during lockdown lunacy, and then arisen all be-saged, and hopefully the wiser for the herbal infusion.




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Also linking to Jude at Travel Words and her excellent 2020 Photo Challenge, which this month is featuring black and white photography. Please pay her a visit.

28 thoughts on “The Monochrome Garden In November

  1. How very lovely, especially those two sepia shots – you could have linked to mine this week with these photos. And yes, looks like we are all going to be able to have a very merry Xmas and then pay for it in the New Year…

    1. Thanks, Beverly. I was actually standing on the next level down outside our back door, and holding the camera up. And for one of the shots I stood on a chair! All is not what it seems in the Farrell garden 🙂

    1. Ah-ha! Not so much hunkered down as looking up from the next level down. Our house is built into a bank, so lots of different perspectives. Glad you liked these ones, Janet 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sylvia. Our lunacy has now extended to the end of March, some areas more draconian than others. Meanwhile 67 million UK citizens are exiled from their medical and dental services unless they are having an emergency.

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