Going Kinda Nutty


I’m back on home turf and in the current time zone for today’s wildlife squares. They were snapped in the Linden Field earlier in the week during a sudden spell of dry weather. Everywhere I looked along the Windmill Hill perimeter there were grey squirrels scurrying, nibbling, delving, tail whisking, scooting up and down the big oak trees. Acorns, acorns acorns – the big autumnal stuff ‘n store imperative in action. Squirrels being kind to themselves.





KindaSquare #30

29 thoughts on “Going Kinda Nutty

  1. Lovely “écureuil”. I have the same (Americans) nibbling soft leaves of the tree in front of my library window.
    I hear the aggressive little buggers have all but wiped out the original red squirrel.
    Hope all is well with you Memsahib?

    1. We have a few red squirrel sanctuaries here and there across the nation, but yes, otherwise the greys rule. We are fine, here thank you, though much fury on my part. The lies we are being told! Hope all is well with you and yours.

      1. TBH, some times I’m not sure who’s the worst liar, Johnson or Macron? Just to name a few…
        We’re fine thank you. Holding up in lockdown for 8 months basically… We just rented a house near Cuernavaca (warm weather) for end-of year. Just to move outside a bit…

  2. Squirrels are so cute…unless they’re stealing bird seed from a bird feeder, something they’re quite adept at doing. 🙂 Any weekend plans, Tish, or are you on lockdown again like France and Germany (and maybe the rest of western Europe)?


    1. They are so cunning when it comes to breaking into bird feeders. And as for the weekend, am wishing you a good one. I shall be catching up with my sister, across the Edge, making the most of freedom before our pseudo-psycho-scientists lock us down completely.

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