Ladybird And Marguerite


A guerrilla garden perspective.

It’s all rather wild over the back garden fence. Bouts of heavy rain have flattened and mashed some of the plants. But then others are thrusting to the fore as the guerrilla garden* enters its yellow phase. The marguerites aka dyers’ chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria ) are putting on a good show and attracting all sorts of bugs: longhorn beetles and hover flies as well as ladybirds, though if the final photo is a harlequin ladybird (?Pete?) we could probably do without it.




* The guerrilla garden is a strip of unofficial planting along our back garden border with the neighbouring field.


Square Perspective #15

29 thoughts on “Ladybird And Marguerite

      1. Pas de quoi. It is lovely in English too. I love the contrasts between the 2 languages. e.g. your dragonfly (very poetic) is a ‘libellule’ for us… Weird isn’t it? Take care.

  1. These yellow marguerites are very lovely. I remember commenting about them last year, but I still haven’t bought any or seen seeds. How tall do they grow? Now off to look up that harlequin ladybird, I suspect it isn’t a native from your statement. Never seen one with so many spots!

    1. That;s a very pleasing association. I didn’t know her work but have just been listening on the interweb. The Master and Margarita was also going through my head, which is a much lumpier association that scarcely works at all.

    1. Those harlequin types sound v. nasty gobblers despite snazzy looks. Apparently they’ve done for 7 of our native species. I have not verified this info, however, and there were all different sorts out in the guerrilla garden when I was taking the photos.

  2. A great collection of insects: you make my attempts at capturing ladybirds in all aspects of their lifecycle look blurry and amateurish (which they are!) Stay safe in the world of the guerilla virus.

    1. That’s just it, Elaine – compact and glossy. And a complete contrast to their adolescent form which is really rather creepy in a Darth Vader-ish sort of way.

  3. Really worried about ladybirds this year, I’ve only seen one in our garden so far and my neighbour who loves nature has only seen two 😦

      1. I’ll go and tell them, but I think they may be too well supplied behind our old privies. I’ve never seen such huge infestations of black fly as i have this year. It’s interesting though that they seemed to have missed the broad bean season. They are usually a complete pest if you haven’t pinched the plant tops out.

      2. Neither have I, really difficult to remove without damaging the buds . Please work your magic on the ladybirds!

      3. While waiting on the ladybirds, a little water spray with a spot of ecover washing up liquid or similar in the water. And a fierce squirt. Will probably need several goes.

      4. Thanks, been distracted most of the day so far but hopefully this evening when it is cooler I will be able to spray!

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