Small But Beautiful: Raindrops On Pea Flower


I have a few sugar snap peas growing in a bucket at the top of the garden by the seat. They have a few willow twigs for support and they seem quite happy surrounded by a profusion of geranium Rozanne. Also as I’m continually walking past them, I can easily spot the pods as soon as they’re ready for picking – usually enough to add to a stir fry or salad. So no glut of curly, tough and past-it pods. And then when these first plants have done their stuff, I have another bucket of later sown sugar snaps coming on beside them.


None of this was planned, but now that I’ve done it, I’m thinking it’s a good way to create small successions of this particular crop. Besides, the pea flowers provide ideal landing platforms for raindrops.


Square Perspective #2

Pop over the Becky’s to see her handsome pusscat perspective.

17 thoughts on “Small But Beautiful: Raindrops On Pea Flower

  1. That’s a green thumb perspective! (which I envy greatly as I haven’t got one) – but after your comment on Becky’s page I am disappointed I was expecting a photo of a cat called Pea Flower. 🙂

  2. They look a lot happier than my peas! Perhaps I should be growing mine that way. How many peas did you put in the bucket – do you remember?

  3. So nice! My peas only made it through a couple of days but I have it on good authority that if I planted some in the fall, they’ll give me peas for months. I shall try that. 🙂


  4. Beautiful picture and I like the bucket idea. There’s a lot to be said for planting in ways that allow small, successive harvesting. It avoids the problem of dealing with a glut that has to be quickly processed or wasted.

    1. Yep, buckets definitely help stopping the glut. I’m also hopeless at successional sowing in the actual ground. The only issue perhaps is watering consistently. Not a problem this year as none of us is going anywhere. Might need some cunning watering device otherwise.

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