Today At The Top Of The Garden ~ Apple Blossom Sunshine And Tiny Tulips And A Very Happy Birthday To Becky


No doubt about it, the Sunshine Deity is showering us with her beneficent rays. You can almost hear the plants crying YIPEEEEE! as they break free from the winter’s rain battered soil, which here in Silurian Sea Wenlock sets like cement.  Things are definitely thriving best in the parts of the garden that received an autumnal mulch of tree chippings (gratefully gathered from a big heap in a neighbour’s yard). The front garden by the road is a mass of foliage with bursts of blue and (nearly) black centaurea, and the little crab apple tree that went in a couple of years ago is weeping prettily. I can also see that an allium-oriental poppy break-out is imminent. Any day now!

But back to the top garden: the Coxes apple tree is just blooming and underneath it the miniature tulips are saying ‘see me, see me’. It’s all too exciting.




Square Tops #22


21 thoughts on “Today At The Top Of The Garden ~ Apple Blossom Sunshine And Tiny Tulips And A Very Happy Birthday To Becky

  1. Guess what we did at lunch, sit at a table and admire our apple blossom 😀 so this is a perfect square. Think I might pop the cake in the car and head your way to sit at your table and to admire your apple blossom for birthday tea xx

  2. A lovely afternoon here too Tish after a couple of rainy and dull days. The garden is looking good now though, as you say welcoming the warmth of the sun. The last of my narcissi are beginning to open – the Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus / poet’s narcissi or pheasant’s eye. And if there is room at that table then I’m on my way up too to admire your apple blossom (and share Becky’s cake).

  3. Beauteous, Tish. Of course the sun’s shining here, too, and in a few days we’re gong to get 100/100+ temperatures to welcome us to the desert. But our cacti are blooming away, much like your lovelies.


  4. Gorgeous pics, Tish. Tulip ‘Little Beauty’ is my favourite species tulip. Love that violet at the centre.

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