Adopting The Horizontal In The African Bush

horizontal Scan-130519-0002

Ostrich and the Ngong Hills


Over at Travel Words Jude is running a photo challenge to help us develop our compositional skills. April’s topic is ‘lines’ and each week Jude asks us to consider them in particular ways. This week it is horizontal lines. Here’s what she says:

“This week’s assignment – Look for horizontal lines. In a photograph, horizontal lines in particular need to be completely level across the frame, because your viewer’s eye will perceive even a slightly skewed horizontal line as uncomfortable to look at or just incorrect.”

For obvious reasons I haven’t been out and about finding likely vistas, but as I’ve been rummaging through my old Kenya photos, I’ve noticed that things horizontal feature quite a lot. I don’t actually recall if I was registering this at the time of taking the photos, since apart from the Elmenteita view, the others were happenstance shots.  Anyway, I thought I’d post them for interest’s sake.


Impala and rooftops of park rangers’ quarters, Nairobi National Park


Lake Elmenteita at dawn

Flamingos at dawn on Lake Elmenteita


Horizontal Scan-130716-0011 (3)

Hippos going with the flow in Lake Naivasha


Travel Words: Photo Challenge April Lines #1  Please visit Jude to see her examples of horizontal framing. Lots of pointers and ideas.

23 thoughts on “Adopting The Horizontal In The African Bush

  1. Ah, thank you Tish. I do enjoy your Africa posts. It’s interesting that although the horizontals are not the subject of your photos, how they form an important part of the composition. Maybe something we see subconsciously. Love the line of hippos!

  2. Good lines Tish. Lake Elemnteita? Which one was that? (I’ll look it up. They probably changed the name)
    The Ngong hills? Hmmm. Shades of Karen Blixen. We used to ride at the foot of the Ngong hills… (In other world) Kwaheri sassa.

      1. Just looked at the map. It really is just by the road to Nakuru. Well, we missed it, save for your photos. Thank you. All well with you I hope?

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