Top Cat

Marsh Pride male 1 - Copy (2)sq

It’s back again to the old Africa album for today’s ‘square top’. This photo was taken on our August dry season trip to the Maasai Mara: one of the senior lions of the Marsh Pride (often featured in BBC wildlife films). He is busy calling to his brother,  the growl-cum-rumble-cum-roar passing back and forth between them; sounds to make the neck hairs tingle. For their part they turned not a single hair nor gave any sign that they registered our presence as our Land Rover passed close by. Humans, what humans?

P.S. Anyone remember the Top Cat cartoons?

Square Tops #3

33 thoughts on “Top Cat

  1. Guess what someone else has shared today, the Top cat cartoon! Just love this . . . not sure want this fabulous cat would make of Top Cat though!!

    1. Thank you, Dries. It was a special happening. And as you well know, a lion roaring seems to resonate through one’s entire anatomy – which I guess is exactly what they intend it to do!!!

  2. “… Close friends get to call him TC”
    I started humming the theme song as soon as I saw your heading, and suspect it will be this morning’s earworm.
    It’s a lovely photo Tish.

  3. I love cats both big and small. They are such beautiful and fascinating animals.

    Watching lions up close while on the Serengeti was a highlight. They didn’t perceive our vehicles as a threat and therefore completely ignored our existence … an attitude I’m quite familiar with in small cats 😉

  4. Oh I love lions. That roar grumble sound climbs deep into the bones. I have had the privilege of witnessing a female reject a male for mating and him and his brothers proceeded to complain (grumble rumble roar) for about 5 minutes. My hear was racing from the sound alone (I was safely in a landy)

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