Yesterday In The Garden: Skeleton-Light


I know – another made-up word, and it’s all Becky’s fault down to Becky’s inspiring January Light squares challenge. Anyway, I am justifying this particular piece of word smithery on the grounds that these hydrangea flowers were indeed a product of summer sunlight, and so what we see here on a frosty January morning is a manifestation of residual light as it gently decays. This is my ‘story’ anyway.

January Light #21

44 thoughts on “Yesterday In The Garden: Skeleton-Light

  1. Fabulous photo, Tish. I love it. That’s a great made-up word too. Throws up all kinds of imagery and possibilities.

  2. Gosh, we’re all getting a bit gung-ho aren’t we? My offering today is a little dodgy 🤔 I love these skeleton petals though my poor hydrangea, which usually keeps her mop-heads until I cut them off in the spring, lost hers in the storms before Christmas! Now she just looks naked and very sad…

    1. I think it’s great – being a bit inventive with words in a non-slangy way. The Anglo-Saxons were brilliant with compound noun-adjectives. Added thought dimensions built in 🙂

    2. Yours was definitely not dodgy, and I am loving Tish’s photograph today too – just wait until you see what I have planned tomorrow. My word is ok, but the content is unusual!

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