Spinning A Line At Tregwynt Mill: It’s All In The Warp And Weft


Who’d’ve thought it: Welsh Tweed that in the 1960s seemed so fuddy-duddy and old woolly tea-cosy-ish has been transformed into a substance of loveliness and huge desirability, and all thanks to some cunning tweaking on the design front. And the place where they are doing much creative tweaking of this most traditional of Welsh industries is Pembrokeshire, West Wales. (Some of you may remember my trip to Solva last year). Ten days ago we meandered our way down narrow lanes just south of Fishguard to visit Melin Tregwynt.


It stands in a narrow wooded valley not far from the sea, and has been worked by members of the Griffiths family since 1912, when Henry Griffiths bought the place for £760. He took over premises that had their origins in the 17th century, the looms driven by water power from the nearby stream. Today Tregwynt’s looms are high-tech, but the weaving shed still houses an old waterwheel. And apart from producing wonderful cloth that feels like heaven, the other brilliant thing about this enterprise is that it employs over 30 local people, and is otherwise a fantastic place to visit with a very excellent shop and cafe.

And, in case you’re wondering, we did not come home empty-handed:


Line Squares  Today’s the first day of Becky’s October Squares: – lines, however you find them.

37 thoughts on “Spinning A Line At Tregwynt Mill: It’s All In The Warp And Weft

  1. Gorgeous textiles and gorgeous cushions too, I definitely need new cushions but I also need a new sofa! I loved the Welsh blankets we saw in Pembrokeshire but some of them come at an eye-watering price!

      1. They had a full-length simple wrap dressing gown in the shop, v. costly, but a marvellous thing to wear if you were intent on cutting winter fuel bills.

      2. I see they will also make things to order. I would like a couple of new cushions slightly larger than they sell so I might enquire about that. As you say, they’ll probably last my lifetime at least!

  2. What a lovely place to visit. Good choice of covers and great taste Tish – I would not have expected any less from your though! I need wool more than ever this far North and believe I have outwitted the pesky moths so my jumpers live another winter

    1. Thank you, Laura. And as for MOTHS, they surely take some outwitting: bags, freezer, sandalwood, lavender, policing the wardrobe! And most of all, remembering (before one finds the next moth hole) to put all of these into action. How far north are you?

  3. Gorgeous textiles Tish, you must have loved it. I love the grey and beige design of the cushion covers. Very relaxing and interesting to visit and learn about places like these. Great photos!

  4. Beautiful textiles Tish. I’m in love with the whole red range you showed. Shame I am so far away; I’d be very happy to support a business like this (and add to my growing fabric stash).

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