Osprey Chicks Are Growing Their Feathers


And this morning  the sun is shining on the Dyfi Estuary and on the Dyfi Osprey Project. You can watch life in the nest live at this link:


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19 thoughts on “Osprey Chicks Are Growing Their Feathers

  1. I just checked in on them a little while ago, probably a bit before sunset your time, and a bit of rain had obviously just gone through because the babies, looking like wet kittens, were all trying to huddle under mum’s outstretched wings … and mum’s coiffure was looking a bit the worse for wear too. 😀

  2. Watching the osprey nest certainly is addictive! Yesterday the one parent was tidying the nest moving sticks around much to the annoyance of one of the babies that bit the parent on the wing! Today both parents were at the nest and one of the youngsters was indulging in some housekeeping. So incredible to have such a view and insight. Thanks so much for the link.

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