More From The MacMoo Clan


It doesnโ€™t take much to keep us Farrells amused, or should that be amoosed. Anyway, since the highland cattle took up residence in the Cutlins meadow, it has added a whole new dimension to popping to the High Street for some milk. I can report that Mammy and infant MacMoo who featured in earlier posts, have been moved to pastures new, and now we have only four junior MacMoos with whom to pass the time of day. But they are pretty obliging when it comes to a photo shoot, although all in all, they would much rather eat hay. Just like us, then, it seems they are easily pleased.


Spiky Squares #25

32 thoughts on “More From The MacMoo Clan

  1. I’m not sure having a fringe that long is good for the eyesight. But they are very appealing creatures, unlike the massive, muscle-bound bulls in ‘our’ field.

      1. Yep. We have (I swear) the inspiration for Harry Enfieldโ€™s Wayne and Waynetta on one side, and a German nudist on the other. Iโ€™ve learned not to idly look out of my upstairs windows on days when he might be using the spa pool, but my mum got a bit of a shock when she was visiting.

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