And It’s Not Only A Pelican…

Scan-130716-0008 (11)

Not the best photo, I know. I cropped it so you can just about see what is going on in the papyrus to the right of the pelican. i.e. the rear end of one of Lake Naivasha’s hippos going ashore and the roaring, open mouth of another hippo who is objecting to the intrusion. Hippos have whopping teeth and tusks, and quite apart from being grouchy with each other, they also kill quite a few humans, especially fishermen. They are at their best when mostly immersed in water, and their surprisingly tender hides well protected from the heat of the sun. But even so, it always pays to be wary.


Scan-130716-0012 (7)

A glimpse of some of Lake Naivasha’s rich bird life (apologies for grainy old ‘out-of-Africa’ shot).

The lake is fed by underground rivers and is Kenya’s only freshwater lake among its Great Rift string of soda lakes. Many of the fresh flowers bought in Europe – roses as well as carnations – are grown in corporate-owned flower factories around the lake shore. Their presence has created jobs and some social services (e.g. company funded primary schools and clinics) for local people, but there are big costs too: too much water abstraction that has shrunk the lake and pesticide and fertilizer run off that have threatened fish stocks. There’s a good  little video (7 mins) focusing on these problems and showing more of life around the lake HERE.

Spiky Squares #13

37 thoughts on “And It’s Not Only A Pelican…

  1. Sad that the flower industry has perks and adds beauty but then negatively hurts the lake and area…
    And I did see the open mouth in the crop and like each photo – oh and I think the here are times in life when I am most happy when I “mostly immersed in water” hah! 💦💦💦

  2. My second spiky square pelican today!!! How amazing is that . . . and yours is just wonderful. Also loving your grainy out of Africa look 🙂

  3. Lovely photos Tish; and so sad to hear of yet another example of corporate destruction of a natural environment, especially something as essential as clean fresh water. Here intensive farming and overseas-owned water bottling plants are wrecking havoc on our water supply as our government shrugs its shoulders and tries to find some distraction from their incompetence.

      1. Funny how we are having the same problem. I am SO glad we have our own well. The sewage they drink in town is disgusting. They’ve really ruined the water almost everywhere.

      2. Most of the UK’s water supplies are owned by foreign companies, or under foreign influence – US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China. You have to wonder what kind of nation sells off its primary life-essential resource. And then we have the ardent Brexiteers bleating about a lack of sovereignty as if it’s a European Union problem, instead of an ongoing act of Tory privatisation. It’s the same with our power and rail network. Britain’s utilities have been sold off and the general public seem blissfully unaware or think it’s all the EU’s fault.

      3. Blissfully unaware seems to be the statement of the day here, there and everywhere. We disposed of our Mexican immigrants and discovered that we had also eliminated most of our farms. There is no one to pick the crops now and rumors to the contrary, Americans won’t pick cotton. So we don’t grow cotton. We’re having trouble with all small crops that need to be hand-picked, like spinach and asparagus. We are okay on orchards and avocados, but everything else dies in the fields. We haven’t sold our water, but we certainly have leased it and polluted it to sickening levels. Why do we do this? Third-world countries think we only do this to them, but actually, we do it to ourselves too. How stupid ARE we?

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