Time In The Square ~ Just Now In Wenlock


Well it had to be done for Becky’s December ‘time squares’, didn’t it? Here we are in Much Wenlock’s town square complete with Victoria’s diamond jubilee clock cum water fountain. It’s 3.20 on the ‘next shortest’ day, and we have almost-sunshine. Keep it up weather gods.

In case you’re wondering about our shops, straight ahead is our ecclesiastical outfitters, an unusual provision in a small town. Coming up next is the clock’s view of the sixteenth century Guild Hall with its veggie market and the medieval parish church beyond:



And in the other direction one of our several cafes, Catherine’s Bakery and A.J’s household goods store. In the Square itself is the weekly cheese stall. Not exactly bustling on the last Saturday afternoon before Christmas:


Time Square #22

23 thoughts on “Time In The Square ~ Just Now In Wenlock

  1. Ha! You beat me to it! Was very quiet on my visit a couple of weeks ago. The little market in Church Stretton last week wasn’t busy either despite some rather lovely looking fruit and veg stalls. Does everyone shop online now?

    1. Church Stretton is as busy as it gets in the morning of market day. My sister’s shop Entertaining Elephants gets quite busy then too, but hardly overrun. But then the Stretton population being largely of the elder age groups, I’d guess most people there shop in the shops and not online. Or go to big supermarkets in Shrewsbury. That veg stall is amazingly huge though, considering the limited number of shoppers.

      1. Your sister’s shop is a delightful treasure trove. I could have bought so many items, but now we just look and admire. We have enough ‘things’ and can’t really justify buying more. I did notice that CS is a bit like Ludlow population wise, I have to wonder what this means for the future of these towns. Housing is not cheap either to attract young families.

      2. Much Wenlock is similarly placed – high cost housing and few job opportunities. Maybe they will simply continue to be ‘dormitories’ for the elderly.

      3. At least Ludlow and CS have a railway line, but it makes sense that all the new homes are being built around Shrewsbury. Though oddly enough there are a lot being built in Cross Houses (where my M-i-L lived) and there is nothing there other than a small, expensive shop and PO and a pub. Limited bus service (the one to your town and Bridgnorth) and no schools. Why would any family want to live there?

      4. The expansion of Shrewsbury is pretty astonishing – 900 new homes, but as you say, why develop more in Cross houses. The nearest primary school is in Cressage, not far but still a bit of running around.

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