Today ~ Airing My Clean Laundry In Public and A Storm Rising


As I write this, having just hung out the washing (and taken the photo), Storm Ali is whisking his coattails across Shropshire. The odd thing is, despite all the buffeting and bluster, it is really warm outside. The forecasters tell us the wind is set to build here tonight, though Scotland and the North West look to be in for the worst of it. My heart goes out to all the storm-beleaguered souls around the planet.

In the Pink

46 thoughts on “Today ~ Airing My Clean Laundry In Public and A Storm Rising

  1. Storm Ali? Fire Frederick in California? Mankind has recently taken to name all (remaining) natural disasters. A futile attempt at controlling the uncontrollable? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ah – the joys of a line full of washing blowing in the wind. I really miss being able to do that. Here in my part of California washing is not hung outside (in some communities, including mine, there are actual rules forbidding it) – seems such a waste of sunshine and breezes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Hope the storm will not be too wild – it is coming our way tomorrow and Saturday. Lovely laundry shot with the colours of the flowers reflected.

  4. Sounds as though you escaped the worst of Ali. Do you ever lay your washing on the grass or on lavender bushes ( on a non-windy day of course!)? That’s a lovely way to get fresh scent into linen and clothes.

      1. Sadly I don’t have a decent drying line at all. The man, or men, who designed this house thought a little place on the coldest side of the house would be adequate!

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