Bee Feast At The Garden Take-Away


Yesterday the bumble bees were having a right royal tuck-in  around the garden. Flower of choice was definitely the allium sphaerocephalon as featured here the other day. Some of the bees seemed to become quite comatose while supping, which made them much easier to snap. Several different kinds were partaking. I really must learn how to identify them. Friends of the Earth have a great app for us Brits with clever phones. I don’t have one, but could almost  be tempted by this brilliant little guide.



Meanwhile over the back fence in the unofficial (guerrilla) garden other favourite bee foods included the fabulously gaudy Sneeze Weeds (Heleniums) and the oregano which, with all the sunny weather, has recently burst into sprays of delicate pinkish white flowers.



Oh yes, and there were also bees in the Bee Balm (Monarda):


33 thoughts on “Bee Feast At The Garden Take-Away

  1. Those bees look a bit different from the ones we have here. Ah, such pictures, what a pleasure. And let’s hope that the bees are making a comeback.

  2. Ah, they were busy buzzing around my Borage today and slipping into the Sage flowers, I love to see them sneak inside the lips. Thigh panniers plumped up and nice and yellow. I think I shall have to get some of those alliums if they have that affect. I also fancy the Heleniums – little dancers with their twirling skirts. I know the S&S like them too, but maybe if I can find some established plants they might stand a chance! Delighted to meet your bees Tish 🙂

    1. I have lost heleniums to the S & S too. These particular plants were very well grown and a couple of feet tall when I bought them. But you do need to keep an eye out when they start their main growth spurt. This year’s dryness has also helped.

  3. I have some very smart bee followers in my pack and they always set me right. The only way I can tell a bumble from a honey is by size, but there are other ways. I just don’t know what they are. I’m simply glad they are finding edibles in my garden!

    Bees love the roses. You can’t see it in my pictures, but I think there was at least one bee on each rose.

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