Making A Splash In Pembroke ~Thursday’s Special


This month Paula’s pick-a-word challenge gives us the words splash, marine, scenic, feathered and canicular. The seaside photos cover the first  four, and I’ve posted them as an antidote to the ongoing hot weather that is melting many of us in the northern hemisphere. They were taken in March on Broadhaven Beach and at St. Bride’s in Pembrokeshire, and I’m relishing the thought of a brisk sea wind on my face and  an invigorating paddle in some chilled Welsh waves.

This next photo is my stab at canicular – the state for which I need the antidote – the laid out, inactive, sweltering dog days of July, the grass turning brown before our eyes, sunset heatwaves. Phew!


Thursday’s Special

23 thoughts on “Making A Splash In Pembroke ~Thursday’s Special

  1. Dog days is such a strange but descriptive expression, Tish. A few people are looking ‘washed out’ and I’ve even resorted to drinking water 🙂 🙂

  2. Great choices Tish. Not so sweltering down here with the coastal breezes and the odd bit of mizzle, but the grazing is starting to look a bit jaundiced.

    1. Yes, I gather, farmers are struggling for grazing, but those with solar farms on their farms have been having an excellent harvest 🙂 Envy you your mizzle. You couldn’t send us a bit, could you.

  3. An excellent response to the challenge. Your photo for canicular looks very hot and inactive. I hope you all get a cool change soon.

      1. Winter gets pretty bleak down here. It sounds like the UK is baking right now though.

      2. You are really coping it. It’s just plain ol’ winter drear over here – a little colder than usual though I think.

  4. Paula always comes up with at least one word I have to check on google. It was Canicula this week. You have captured the steamy, sun baked heat of summer. Made me think it will Only be a few months and we’ll be sweltering again

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