29 thoughts on “Sunset Cruise ~ Honey Buzzard Over The Allotment

    1. Well, now you mention it, I can’t be 100% sure. In fact at a distance its size and wing shape made me think it was a red kite. They’ve been moving up Corvedale, and seen one hovering over the neighbours’ garden a couple of times. Also spotted one just outside Wolverhampton the other day, which was a surprise.

      1. We noticed red kite a few times over Ludlow. Here we get buzzards. But don’t ask me what kind! They don’t hang around long enough for a decent shot.

      2. The one in my post was just whisking out of shot as I clicked. Honey buzzards apparently have chunky looking heads and their wings may briefly dip up from the horizontal in flight.

      3. We saw a buzzard this afternoon on the way to the supermarket, on a post almost at eye level. It flew off as I rounded the corner. Huge bird! Unfortunately I was driving and no chance to take a photo, but what a wonderful sight.

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