No, This Is Not My Polytunnel

Polytunnel spotted on the path to Koroni, Messenia in the southern Peloponnese. And now for some more scenic Greek roofs to conclude Becky’s very entertaining June squares photo-jaunt. Didn’t we do well. And a big round of applause for Becky.




Roof Squares 30

Six Word Saturday

39 thoughts on “No, This Is Not My Polytunnel

  1. I thought I knew what a polytunnel was, but I’m beginning to think I don’t really fully understand it. I thought it was a kind of “pre-plastic” greenhouse. Is it? Would it be too much to ask for a more complete explanation? It is not something I’m likely to bump into around here 😀

    1. Just a polythene covered growing house, a metal frame with a curvy profile, and an alternative to a glass greenhouse. The horticultural industry use mega sized ones for growing salad crops etc. I’ll have to do a post on MY polytunnel. I found a toad in it yesterday. We frightened each other, but I was very pleased to see it, and hope it’s eating lots of molluscs.

  2. What wonderful diversity. I specially like the one with the corner of a roof in the top left hand corner of the frame, and the amusing end piece.and there was no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t your poly tunnel, unless vandals had moved in. You’ve given a great feel of place through roofs.

  3. Glad it isn’t yours! But what a fabulous end to rooves. Just love your final entries, and ‘The End’ is superb. Thank you so much Tish.

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