34 thoughts on “And More Up And Under Tulips

    1. Ah, now then. I do have a pic taken today of the inciest winciest spider on a daff, which is all a bit surreal. I was thinking of you naturally. Maybe that will pop up next πŸ™‚

      1. We’re good. Thank you. This is the best season of the year, before the rainy season starts kicking in May-June. I enjoy the sun and luscious plants. We just picked 4 tangerines on the tree in front of my study/library. Will make for a nice fesh juice tomorrow.
        I hope Spring is already arriving. I’ve seen some of your flower shots. A sea of daffodils? Very pretty
        Kwaheri memsahib

      1. I will come again because I subscribed to your blog
        ps: on my site, if you do not understand French, you can use the google translator (it is on the right of the home page) so you can choose your own language and comment if it makes you want (I also uses a translator sometimes …)

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