Solar-Powered Apple Lanterns As Repurposed By Blackbirds ~ Thursday’s Special


Sometimes it takes me a long time to reach the allotment. I set off with great purpose, shouldering a big bag of vegetable waste for the the compost heap. It is only a short hike across the field, although after rain it can be treacherously slithery, thus requiring due care and attention to avoid all outbreaks of undignified slippage. And then there are the distractions. And if I happen to have a camera in my pocket: well then, gardening must wait.

So that’s what happened when I spotted these apples that someone had slung over their hedge in the autumn. During the winter the blackbirds had nibbled the insides so neatly that only the skins remained. Not only that, the delicate apple ‘shells’ had now accrued quite new and surprising properties. Lying scattered in downtrodden grass and browning leaves, they were now capturing and emitting that too rare glow of winter sunshine. Thank you, blackbirds. A fine light show.


Thursday’s Special: recycled

copyright 2018 Tish Farrell

27 thoughts on “Solar-Powered Apple Lanterns As Repurposed By Blackbirds ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Art created by nature!
    I hear you about distractions: just this week, two of my morning runs were interspersed with squatting & peering because I found interesting things to photograph … the joy of being sidetracked by nature’s wonders!

    1. Happy Easter back, dear chum. But unless your wishes include magic spells – and I wouldn’t rule that out, knowing you – I think we’re out of luck with the gardening weather in our neck of the woods – rain and more rain for the next week. What’s a person to do with their sprouting onion sets?

  2. I agree that gardening must wait when you discover such a lightshow…and other ‘inventions’ by nature. I think I would never get to the allotment 🙂

    1. Sometimes I nearly don’t 🙂 At the moment it’s all a bit dank and dismal, though have managed to turn some of my compost heaps. Not such a pleasing up-close-and-personal experience as the apples.

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