Jackdaws Tuning In

The cawing of rooks and chack-chacking of jackdaws in the grounds of St. Bride’s Castle was deafening. Day after day and no break from the din as the birds whisked round gathering nesting material or scouting out new nesting spots. The jackdaws seemed to have their sights on the castle turrets, while the rooks had commandeered the nearby ash wood where they were busy composing the usual twiggy mounds up in the treetops. So much commotion and it said one thing: SPRING!

March Square #28

In which Six Go Potty In Pembroke With Cockapoo Puppy – holiday snaps #9

31 thoughts on “Jackdaws Tuning In

    1. Well, after writing this post, and then trotting into town, I did begin to think I might have spoken too soon. Air temp is more like December. On the other hand, the daffodils are blooming come what may.

  1. lovely monotones to match the corvid cubes – especially fond of these intelligent birds – some rookeries are hundreds of years old – wonder about your rook neighbours?!
    p.s. have you read Crow Country by Mark Cocker?

    1. I will look out for the book, Laura. Thank you. I’m sure some of Wenlock’s rookeries are very old. There’s a lovely late 19th century description of the one near the Priory. Must look it out too.

  2. I was awake at silly o’clock this morning and somebody was twittering very happily. I don’t know how happy they would have been at 1 this afternoon with the prolonged hailstones. 🙂 🙂 It’s definitely Spring!

  3. I can hear birds twittering in the forsythia which is huge so I hope they are ok when nesting.We did have a better day but still chilly.I like the name ” jackdaw” it sounds like it was made up by a real person yet in a story book.This weather was quite normal up North./We took our winter coats on our summer holidays in Rhyl or similar places!

    1. You are right about the weather this time of year. We’ve just become too used to mild winters and springs and forgotten what they used to be like. Also made me remember that mother had a big Aran cardigan knitted specially to take on summer holidays. She wore it too!

  4. Love jackdaws, but must admit I am glad I don’t have them resident near me. Likewise with crows and ravens. All have such wonderful personalities, but oh the noise!!!

      1. I can’t remember if you are on twitter or not. If you are do you follow the Raven Master at The Tower of London? Just wonderful.

  5. beautiful picture and post. spring is the season of deliberation… bits of winter going head to head with summer. we can’t count on the weather but we can enjoy it… and the birds and the flowers that come with it.

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