On Windmill Hill ~ Thursday’s Special


Yesterday the wind was whistling into Shropshire through the Cheshire Gap, and despite the apparent stillness and bright sunshine in this photograph, it was one big icy blast up on Windmill Hill. I did not stay long. But in the shelter of the woods, lower down the hill, I did stop to catch these mossy tree roots:



And then among the fallen leaves I found this very strange fungus:


This week at Thursdayโ€™s Special Paula has given us five word prompts to choose from. My choice for these photos is protuberant.ย Pop over to Paula’s to join in.

Thursdayโ€™s Special: Pick A Word

45 thoughts on “On Windmill Hill ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Oh, how I sometimes miss a good old walk in the woods! Love the mossy tree roots.

    As an aside. Phoned my mother this morning to thank her for the xmas card she sent and to tell it arrived unscathed yesterday morning!
    I haven’t heard her laugh so much in ages.
    ”Africa Time” – a law unto itself it seems. Or possibly lore, even?

  2. Lovely old trees. Don’t you wish they could tell you all about their live. Now…the windmill is a wonderful structure but does seem to be missing a part or two.

    1. That windmill is mystery. It appears in records back to the 17th century, but the trust that have been looking after it for the past few years, can find no evidence for a superstructure, or at least not one that anyone can identify. And there are no historical images of it with sails. So maybe it wasn’t a windmill at all. I think it could have been a beacon…

      1. I love that word, but not one that can be used often….but I think I once heard it applied to the Stiperstones at dusk….

      1. Yes, but not with my house plumbing. I posted recently about books Iโ€™ve read, but it didnโ€™t show up in Reader for complicated reasons, having to do with the fact that I wrote the post in August!

  3. Interesting fungi and well spotted. I love the gnarly mossy tree roots, they look as though they could get up and start walking as in the Entish domain.

  4. I hope you know by now how much I like your iconic shot of the Windmill Hill. It’s a Tish’s classic ๐Ÿ™‚ Your black fungus is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing dear Tish.

    1. It’s fascinating the way it makes one love it. It’s also quite mysterious really. And possibly not even a windmill. I also like the fact there’s a small group of people who look after it and its special limestone meadow.

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