Yesterday Along The Lanes In Wenlock


I don’t remember ever seeing lesser celandines flowering in January. They are at least a month too soon, and this one has clearly been around a while, and much rained on. Snowdrops, though, are timely, and they are cropping up everywhere in gardens and wooded margins around the town.


All the footpaths are very waterlogged and slithery. On our walk yesterday it was necessary to stop at intervals to de-mud the boots and stop growing giants’ feet. This also gave me the chance to photograph the highland cattle in the Cutlins meadow, the sheep in the Priory park, and puddles on the track to Bradley Farm. Welcome to Much Wenlock in January.







Six Word Saturday  Please pop over to Debbie’s to see her very astonishing photo

47 thoughts on “Yesterday Along The Lanes In Wenlock

      1. I’m a fan of ‘Escape to the Country” because I like to look at the landscapes. I always enjoy the ones set in Shropshire and hope they have one set near your town one day. 🙂

      2. We see that programme sometimes. It does a good job of introducing little corners of England that may be little known. I shall think of you on the far side of the world next time we catch an episode 🙂

      3. We see a lot of back episodes over here right now because of summer TV programming. I watched one the other night that featured a native wild cat sanctuary in Scotland. I had no idea such animals existed.

      4. I had forgotten they did. As a child I collected Typhoo tea cards. They did a series on British mammals and the wild cat was one of them. I’ve never seen one – not even on TV.

    1. Hello Lisa. Lovely you could come on my walk but without the slithering. The sheep do indeed look very woolly. Shearing time is a way off yet though – usually May-June.

      1. Can be pretty nippy in the UK till May. Old wives’ saying: ne’er cast a clout until May is out, otherwise translated as – hang on to your woollies – man or sheep 🙂

  1. “There’s a flower that shall be mine,
    ‘Tis the little Celandine.” – Wordsworth and I share this one thing…Celandines…they must have been flowering under all that snow -the sheep look relieved to be back on solid ground

    1. Yes, the cattle are quite out of their location. They seem to be being bred for decorative purposes by a local. They get very hot and bothered looking in the summer, their ancestors being used to windswept highlands of Scotland.

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