Koroni Castle ~Thursday’s Special

This view across the Gulf of Messinia to the Mani peninsula was taken from one of the bastions of Koroni Castle in the Messinian Peloponnese. This part of Greece has a coastline dominated by several of these great Venetian strongholds begun in the 12th century and expanded through several centuries of repeated Venetian-Ottoman conflict.

You can find more of the castle’s history HERE

As you can see, our visit coincided with the sudden arrival of autumn, which perhaps adds to the overbearing broodingness of the place. But when I looked at the photos later I was intrigued by the accidental ‘tromp l’oeil’ effect in the header shot – that apparently displaced, more brightly lit view through the arched aperture. It’s a trick of the geography – a spit of land jutting out into the sea way below the castle.


The town of Koroni had its trading heyday in the 13th century. You can see here how it hugs up against the battlement for the full width of the photo, up to and beyond the church in the top right corner. Within the castle there is the town cemetery, several churches, a convent and a number of cottages with gardens and small holdings where people still live. It is a fascinating place, the past somehow still marching on with the present.P1020696

One of the cottages inside the castle.


Inside the convent garden and the convent entrance (below).



Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

25 thoughts on “Koroni Castle ~Thursday’s Special

    1. This is making me wonder, Lisa, given your present location in the orient, and thus far from Greece – have the Captain and you ever sailed the Suez Canal. Is this even feasible? 🙂

      1. I would LOVE to but given the dangers of piracy, The Captain doesn’t want to risk it. )Luckily, The Captain is risk averse so I can be carefree.) A few boats went the Suez route last year successfully and a few more are going this year, but the predominance of the fleet crossing in 2018 have opted to face Mother Nature’s wrath at The Cape of Good Hope rather than man’s wrath further north.

  1. That first photo reminds me of a view of Croatia I’ve seen, and always wanted to visit. Not terribly far from one another I imagine. Hey yesterday was the day we met two years ago if my calculations are right (because it’s the day Bowie died and they were playing songs by him.) poof! Two years.

    1. Gosh, Bill. Two years. Well happy meeting-up anniversary to us! It was so very nice of you to drive over to see us. So lovely to have lunch together. Will also drink a beer (later) to the one we didn’t have then 🙂

  2. That opener is a lovely shot on so many counts, Tish. 🙂 🙂
    Are you fully recovered now? I am stoutly resisting lurgies. P’raps I shouldn’t have said that. 🙂

    1. You definitely shouldn’t tempt those lurgies, Jo. I’d not long ago prided myself by saying OUT LOUD that I rarely get such germs, when zap! That’ll teach me. But thanks, my dear, I’m very much improved on the 10th day since the zapping 🙂

  3. I had to look twice at the header photo to see that interesting ‘tromp l’oeil’ effect. I can imagine the monastery garden being a very peaceful place.

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