Brrrr…Or Do I Mean Baaaa?


This sheep was having a lot to say for herself as she crossed the Priory parkland. Not a call of distress, more of a bad-mood grumble. Perhaps she was fed up with the snow covering her grass.


Meanwhile on the far side of the field her fellows seemed to have found something more to their liking.

And now here’s a better view of the old parkland behind Wenlock Priory – once the domain of jolly, hunting monks, and believe me, hunting was among the least of their reputed bad habits.

Thursday’s Special   In the first challenge of 2018, Paula is definitely giving our little grey cells a post-Christmas shake-up. Algid was a new word for me. So here it is: cold and chilly. Now please visit Paula for the other options and some very fine photos.

57 thoughts on “Brrrr…Or Do I Mean Baaaa?

  1. In that case, it’s been très algid here! However, there’s hope. Sunday is supposed to be 30 F, a veritable heat wave these days. I don’t feel bad for these sheep. After all, they have beautiful, thick wool coats. 🙂 Lovely shots, Tish.


  2. simply love your woolly snow sheep. very seasonal captures – excellent use of algid – something akin to frigid in one sense!

  3. Absolutely love that first shot Tish. I’d be grumpy if someone hid my cashew nuts! Feeling slightly less foolish now that I know you had to resort to the dictionary xx

    1. had to resort to google actually, as my concise Oxford dictionary was most deficient. And what’s this about cashew nuts? Do you have secret caches? I suppose that would be telling.

  4. Ah, to be a sheep, they never seem in the slightest bit bothered about the weather. And this is a perfect ALGID post. Made me shiver just looking at it 🙂

  5. On our very brief Maine stay, I saw some sheep but they were staying very close to the barn as the snow was higher than their legs were long.

  6. The first shot is wonderful. It makes the cold look appealing. 🙂 It is frigid/algid here on the east coast of the US, but nothing as picturesque in sight. 🙂

  7. I agree with Jo. That first shot is wonderful. Worthy of a frame, I’d say.
    How the heck am I going to do this challenge when the temperature is 32 c?

  8. How could I have missed this charming post! Shame on me!! It is so lovely. The sheep in the first one is so cute 🙂 What a lovely image!

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