Darkness And Light ~ Thursday’s Special

P1000056 - Copy

Solstice – the longest night – a time for drawing in; earth quietness; immanence; a conjuring of new possibility.

This photo was taken a few Decembers ago – the view from the island of Anglesey looking across the Menai Strait to Snowdonia on mainland Wales, terrain of antique tales of shape-shifting princes and magicians, their black deeds and bloody conflicts.

Thursday’s Special ~ darkness and light

32 thoughts on “Darkness And Light ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Stunning photograph. Happy Solstice. I find much more meaning these days in celebrating the turning of the seasons and the return of the light rather than the commercial ghost of itself that Christmas seems to have become. All is Change and Change is All.

    1. Ha! That’s made me think of another phantom for old Scrooge to confront – the Ghost of Christmas Shopping – which, on reflection, could return him to his bad old ways. It certainly makes me feel a bit Scrooge-ish. Must get over to your place. I missed yesterday’s story episode.

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