28 thoughts on “Early Christmas Card From Much Wenlock

  1. And it’s a beauty, Tish. Thanks and an early merry Christmas to you, too. I’m sure I’ll be sending wishes again, but that’s OK. I can’t believe how soon Christmas will be here. The time is flying by.


  2. That’s pretty, red, white and blue. Crab apples? Hope you are keeping warm Tish. Sounds as though there is a lot more snow heading your way tomorrow.

    1. It’s the only Christmas card I’ve ‘sent’ so far. It may be the only one at this rate. But all the warmest, bestest wishes to you and yours, Jo. And while I think of it, it was so lovely meeting you, back on that warmish, summer’s evening in the Shropshire hills.

  3. How bright and ‘chilly’ and it certainly adds some colour and sparkle to the festive season. We have had days of heat , and are now receiving some much needed rain. We went 46 days without rain; a record which I’d rather we didn’t repeat.

    1. Yes we could all do without these long rainless events. It’s been in short supply here too until recently. Now the melting snow is making lots and lots of water, and it’s raining too. Much sogginess all round, and no more sparkle!

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