Frosted Bracken ~ Black & White Sunday


When we left Hay-on-Wye on Friday morning we headed west into the hill country above the Wye valley. The lane wound up narrowly from Clyro to Painscastle, the hedgerows bathed in high-definition sunlight. But there were also rafts of ice – here and there, where the road dipped into shadow. It was exciting to see – real ice, even if it was swiftly turning to slush.

We were taking a somewhat round-about route to our immediate destination – the Erwood Art Gallery whose leaflet says it is the biggest privately owned gallery of contemporary art and craft in Wales. It is also in an isolated spot in the woods above the Wye, and to add to its interest is housed in three Victorian railway carriages left over from the days when the train came this way. Into my mind’s eye puffs a doughty steam engine pulling a long tail of carriages. I imagine rattling along the wide river valley, hills and farms and sheep pasture all around. And think: it’s a crying shame this loss of Britain’s most scenic railways – killed in the ‘60s by the wretched Dr. ‘Let them drive cars’ Beeching, he with his most undiscriminating axe that has done so much to promote the slow misery of dying rural communities, and the clogged up byways of our small island.

But enough ranting. It’s too fine a day. When we reach the moorland tops of The Begwns, and before our descent to Erwood, we stop to admire the view. And that’s when I come across the frosted bracken…

Black & White Sunday: texture

23 thoughts on “Frosted Bracken ~ Black & White Sunday

  1. Looks like a linograph – wonderfully textured. And let’s face it nothing the government ever does concerning transport makes sense. Says she, encouraged to buy a diesel car 10 years ago that is now the scum of the earth 😦

    1. Definitely no joined up thinking transport-wise. Now the government is suggesting that housing developers restore a few railways to reduce road congestion. Can see Tarmac and Persimmon falling over themselves to do that: welcome to your new home with three en suites and adjacent railway track 😦

  2. Hay on frost – magical capture! little by little small towns will be back on track so more houses can be built! Though I always fancied a long garden with trains passing by – steam though!

  3. “Frosted bracken” reminds me of the Kracken. Good-sounding names, yes? Greetings from Germany, we’re here for the month. Season’s greetings, and to lots of good things to see and consume, and hear…do you hear (what I hear)…? Ginger beer!

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