Still Blooming Up At The Allotment





N.B. There will be a brief break in transmission at Writer On The Edge, so I won’t be talking to you for a while. Will be back soon though.

Six Word Saturday In the meantime, please visit Debbie. She has a cracker of a photo for today’s 6WS.








The Changing Seasons: September

39 thoughts on “Still Blooming Up At The Allotment

    1. Ah, that’s so nice, Jo. I’m back, but now need to gather brain matter to produce a post. Interesting how quickly one can forget how to do things, but then I’ve been to the land where forgetfulness came easily 🙂

      1. Ah-ha! Now I’ve got you guessing. I can say we went with Thomas Cook and not via a wardrobe, and a little farther afield than usual. Maybe I’ll do a post tomorrow and stop keeping you in suspenders 🙂

  1. You too! We’re all heading off somewhere. What a lovely last-post-for-now. I hope the break is for pure pleasure. That last photo is hard to beat. Trust you to exit with a photographic fanfare – although you’d be hard put not to with any last photo.

  2. Just beautiful Tish, Cosmos is so carefree and so rewarding with constant color, however I have always loved Dahlias! We always had the house filled with fresh cut dahlias, growing up, my grandmother always planted lots of them in the garden, and subsequently I always loved finding the new colors and shapes. I remember someone saying yes they are beautiful, but all the extra work, all that staking? I said what is the difference between all that work for tomatoes then but you have 3 doz tomatoes staked? Apples are oranges? They both reward you with bounties of fruits or blooms, always well worth it! 🙂

    1. I’ve come to love dahlias too, but only recently. So many amazing varieties these days, and ones you don’t need to stake. The cosmos is still flowering – but only just.

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