Combine With Me ~ Wooing Wenlock Style

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I mentioned that the wheat was being swept off the field on Tuesday afternoon. And as I’m actually rather impressed by seeing combine harvesters in action, and the dust they make, I took a few photos from the bedroom window. But when I looked at them later on screen, I was amused to see a shapely pair of legs nudged up against the combine driver’s jeans.  Aaaah. Greater love hath no young woman than to spend the day out harvesting with her lad.


And for those who also have a yen for combine harvesters…



21 thoughts on “Combine With Me ~ Wooing Wenlock Style

  1. Clever title, Tish. It always amazes me how gigantic farm equipment is these days compared to when my grandparents were farming. Grandpa’s tractor was not only small, it had no cab or covering, no radio, no air conditioning, etc. When it was hot, you were hot and when the dust blew, you got filthy!


  2. Having grown up on a farm I could instantly smell harvest in action. Isn’t the brain a funny thing the way it connects our senses. Loved these photos and good eye on the extra legs.

  3. My best friends lives in the middle of a huge farm owned by the University of Massachusetts. Directly across the street from her house is a big field on which they use a combine. OH the dust and the dirt. There are period when they have gotten the field ready for seeding — and the weather is try — when even the slightest breeze turns her house into a sandstorm. This occurs periodically throughout the warm months, and of course includes harvesting at the end of the season. In winter, they get wild blowing snow from the big empty field. What fun! Not surprisingly, windows are kept sealed for most of the year. She could give lectures on the wonders of the harvester!

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