28 thoughts on “Star Turn ~ Echinops

      1. Yes, exactly why I have it. Trying to only plant things that benefit wildlife – anything pretty but useless to bees/butterflies/birds has no chance with me!

      1. Don’t know what happened to my cosmos this year (though I could hazard a guess). I wouldn’t mind rudbeckia and perhaps echinacea for this time of year. I know S&S love heleniums, but maybe I take a chance on the others.

      2. I’ve found that my tall heleniums have survived S & S onslaught, but they were bought as quite big well-established plants. I’ve grown some yellow hoopesii from seed (last year) and kept them in pots this year. They’ve not flowered yet, but I’m hoping they will be sturdy enough next year to go into the garden and not be eaten.

      3. I have more success with established plants so that is definitely the way forward. Growing from seed is difficult without a greenhouse or polytunnel. The conservatory is useful, but only for small amounts.

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