Something Magical for Monday

Wintergatan’s Marble Machine seems just the thing to fire up a ho-hum Monday, should you be having one. Please feel free to leave links in the comments to any other bits of Monday Magic that come your way. It’s good to spread them around.

Wintergatan is a band whose creations are described as ‘Swedish folktronica’ in the Wikipedia entry. Now there’s a genre to juggle with.

39 thoughts on “Something Magical for Monday

  1. does it play happy birthday?! have montaged some magic today I think and its special for me -so too is the marvel of marbles

  2. Fantastical! How on earth did somebody dream that up? My head was going round in loops. 🙂 🙂 An improvement, I suspect. Thanks for the smiley Monday share, Tish. I needed that!

  3. What a wonderful machine. I’m almost afraid to show this to the Big T for fear he’ll take over the garage trying to build one. 🙂 Magical Monday indeed. Thanks Tish 🙂

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