Manhattan From The Staten Island Ferry

Our trip to New York a few years ago coincided with a heat wave. It was too hot to think or walk far from the iced coffee stalls in Central Park, or the cooling air conditioned corridors of the Met. The other best place to be was riding the Staten Island Ferry.  Nice breeze. Stunning views of Manhattan and dead cheap.


Thursday’s Special: please visit Paula and pick a word that inspires you. I’m going for ‘soaring’.

25 thoughts on “Manhattan From The Staten Island Ferry

  1. Another great view. So many stories in the picture. Each building representing the owner’s journey.
    Human cities look so beautiful outwardly, though they are mostly places of agony within.
    Thank you Tish.

    1. Hello, Peter. You are so right about the hardship and ugliness behind city facades, but I was amazed how at home I felt in Manhattan. It was not a feeling I had expected as we walked its many streets.

  2. As in temperatures, Tish! 🙂 🙂 They haven’t really reached us in the north east. Just the torrential rain and thunderstorms 🙂 Off to the Algarve later today so I’ll melt! You’ve got me singing ‘I’ll take Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island too….’ but I can’t remember who recorded it.

      1. Some years ago, I was there for a weekend and while it was interesting and full of life, I was so glad to leave the massive canyons formed by the buildings and back to a lot more open green spaces.

  3. It used to be — when I was a lass — a great (cheap) place for a date. Where else could you get a boat ride — in two directions — for less than 50 cents? Now, I think it’s free. A straight up tourist attraction. Still a wonderful little boat ride!

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