Thursdays Special ~ Spring In My Garden


This week at Lost in Translation Paula’s theme is ‘vernal’ and she is calling for our spring compositions. So here are a few scenes from my Wenlock garden. Things have been a bit slow this year because we’ve had no rain for weeks and weeks. But today we did – and the garden has come alive with aquilegias and alliums. And I had no time to take photographs because I had a hundred other things to do. Hey ho. So the photos here were mostly taken back in March/early April: ornamental cherry, crab apple, and damson – the flowers of fruit to come.



59 thoughts on “Thursdays Special ~ Spring In My Garden

  1. Hi Tish, Everything is so beautiful and full of bloom this time of the year, there is something exciting to see around every corner and coming up out of the ground everywhere. You can just walk around for hours and then come back the opposite way, and still see new things! It is just an invigorating , and refreshing time of the year!
    Are these trees in your allotment garden, or around your house garden? Where ever they are they are beautiful. 🙂 Have a great weekend Tish!

    1. Hi Mitch. I absolutely agree with you about the invigorating qualities of spring. And there being so much to look at. The pix are from round my house garden’s edge. A happy weekend to you too 🙂

    1. We’ve not had much sunshine either, and it’s been very cool until the last few days – winds that cut through you. But maybe spring is really here now.

  2. Hah! And imported Blue Sky as well, I note.
    My Mum used to make Damson Jam. A lot. There were endless jars of it in the pantry!
    Oh, how I longed for some strawberry. 🙂

    And it rained here too! Cats and dogs in Jo’burg at the end of Autumn. Can you believe it?

  3. This is beautiful, Tish, so vibrant and cheering. Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule. Hope you’ll have a good time during your break.

      1. We were just over the Devon border into Cornwall, and across the Tamar River at Calstock, a few miles south of Plymouth. Lots of narrow winding, up and downy lanes filled with wildflowers and shaded by arcades of beech and oak. Very lovely. Photos to come. Also may have just the thing for your Thursdays Special 🙂

  4. There really isn’t anything lovelier than Spring blossom, Tish! Your absence has been noted. 🙂 🙂
    I thought you might have a writing project but I forget how busy your garden(s) keep you. Paula mentioned you going away? You know I have constant travel envy. 🙂

    1. Just been to the Tamar Valley for a christening – Cornwall-Devon border. Lovely and lush there with wonderful hedgerows. It rained for 3 solid days but a good one either end to make up 🙂

      1. It was v. happy, not least the babe, who managed to stay smiling through a one hour service, as well as putting up with the vicar taking her around the entire chapel to smile at all congregation.

    1. Just flitted by your neck of the woods, Gilly, to and from Calstock, and everywhere looked so burgeoning – lovely hedgerows and burstingly green trees.

    1. Thank you, Helen. There’ll be more to come too. Just been to the Royal Horticultural Garden at Rosemoor, Devon. It was totally glorious plant and flower-wise.

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