Tulips Raising The Roof At Attingham


We thought we’d make the most of the sunny day and popped over to Attingham Park at lunch time. Half the world had the same idea and the place was alive with happy families and happy dogs roving over the parkland. There were fallow deer to see, bluebell woods, trees burstingly green, stream banks golden with marsh marigolds, and in the walled garden’s frame-yard these very shouty tulips. My goodness but they had a lot to say for themselves.

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32 thoughts on “Tulips Raising The Roof At Attingham

  1. Moi aussi.
    Is this a special kind or do they always do this when you get a lot of sun?
    I only remember the red and yellow ones and I don’t recall them ever doing this.

    Sounds like a really nice place to visit.

    1. They seem to be more prone to opening like this as they get older, but they definitely respond to the sun. And the pointy petals must be a new variety. I hadn’t seen white ones like this before.

  2. Ooh, now I am wondering if I should buy some white ones for next year! Mine have been shouting loudly too, in fact I think they have worn themselves out this month! Makes you wonder what is going to be in flower in the latter stages of the year as all the spring flowers are pretty much finished now and it is not even May!

    1. Even the lilac is well out in places now, and the woods full of bluebells. So as you say – there will be a big gap. Unless of course the dandelions take over. I found a field full at Attingham. They were so inviting I had to snap them. But as you say too – white tulips definitely have a lot going for them -especially today with the sun shining through them.

      1. I have a lawn full of daisies and some dandelions which have already managed to seed! Spent a lot of today weeding the gravel parking space and cleaning the patio. Hopefully there will come a time when I can actually sit outside with a nice glass of Sav Blanc and a book and just relax!

      2. Weeds, or should I more properly say plants in the wrong place, are having a field day this spring. I think our bit of lawn in the back garden is going to have to go. It’s currently moss, dandelions and even a bit of ragwort’s sneaked in.

  3. The tulips almost look like stars – this reminds me of a botanical garden I visited last spring that had so many different types of tulips my head started spinning. Some of them looked like roses, others reminded me of parrots – tulip breeders got a lot of imagination 🙂

  4. Brilliant . . . .missing tulips where I am this spring and so loving the fact everyone is sharing so many, and this are lovely. Thank you

    1. Not hot on horticulture – a nice phrase Robin. I shall apply it to he who is also a plant pathologist and lives in my house. Usually I’m a bit rude and say he’s rubbish at gardening. I suspect this is because he’s only really interested in dead or dying plants.

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