Collision Course? Present And Past In Conwy

IMG_4120 - Copy

This week at Black & White Sunday Paula asks us for an ‘After and Before’ – i.e. a colour photograph converted to monochrome. She wants us to use this device to look at our work with fresh eyes. It is an interesting exercise.

This shot was very spur of the moment’, and into the sun to boot – taken as the bus to Llandudno swung round a sharp bend down and past Conwy’s mediaeval town walls. But I liked the juxtaposition of ancient and new,  the impressively static versus the transient. For some reason I also like the ‘one way’ traffic road sign – as if it might mean something other than the obvious.

Overall, as a composition I’m not sure what to make of it, but I keep looking at it just in case it might have something important to say, and I think the monochrome version has a certain drama. The first version is in ‘Cyan tone’ according to my Microsoft editing programme. This next one is what happens when you press the ‘Black & White’ option:


And here’s the original:

IMG_4120 - Copy (2)

Now over to Paula’s at Black & White Sunday for more ‘Afters’.

28 thoughts on “Collision Course? Present And Past In Conwy

  1. The first two are very dramatic, and the conversion really does help alleviate the overexposure from shooting into the sun which washes the sky away. Looking at them again I am going to opt for the black and white version. Like a cover of a novel “Famous Five in Conwy”

      1. I don’t know about that, you are awfully good on E Africa, but given your love of history and research there are probably a lot of tales to be told around the borders. Do you read the Phil Rickman Merrily books? I find the detail of the towns and villages fascinating, though he did put me off moving to Herefordshire and Presteigne!

  2. I think it has a reverse negative film look. Yes, that sign caught my eye and I too was trying to read more into it. It is a well chosen subject for juxtaposition but also to illustrate different approaches to photo editing. Tish, thank you for playing with me. I am sorry it wasn’t possible for me to log on yesterday.

    1. No apologies necessary, Paula. I was all over the place yesterday anyway – mostly with a spade in my hand. You provide a great venue for photo-playing. As Hercule Poirot might say you always challenge the little grey cells 🙂

      1. This is a great compliment and incentive for me. Have a good week, Tish. I will take a few days’ break from Friday to Monday to celebrate the Labour Day 🙂

  3. Yes, definitely a book cover, that first, Tish. 🙂 I was waiting to hear the loud crash as the bus met the railings, but thankfully that wasn’t part of the plot.

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