Today From Wenlock’s Old Railway Line


December 7 and at noon we had sun and 12 degree warmth: a spring day in winter. Graham and I headed out over the fields and came back down the old railway line. He strode off ahead while I stopped here to take this photo. It is for my U.S. Buffalo chum, Kathy. She and Jack come each year like swallows to spend the summer in Wenlock, away from Buffaloโ€™s heavy heat. This is the walk she often walks with me, and we always stop at this fence, lean awhile, churn over world events, sometimes rant a little. And then at last simply look, taking in the view โ€“ the ever-changing unchanging landscape. (At least for now).

13 thoughts on “Today From Wenlock’s Old Railway Line

  1. In this case I think the fence adds a lot to the photo – I like the way it follows the curve of the field. If it didn’t do that it might jar, instead it makes a great frame. As do the leaves on the right. What I might do is to crop the left-hand side to remove those twiggy bits as they are a little distracting, but on the whole I think the composition is excellent. And the colours and light are beautifully clear.

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