Spirit of the Past: Black & White Sunday

holiday 029

I’ve written about the Iron Man of Llanbedrog in other posts. (Personally I think it could be a woman – Boudica perhaps, the last of Britain’s Celtic warrior women). I’ve also posted variously edited versions of this shot before, but not this one exactly. This week at Black & White Sunday, Paula is reprising the popular Traces of the Past challenge, and I thought that although this iron figure is not especially old, everything about it speaks of the ancient Celtic spirit. And of course there are the ‘rocks of ages’ just visible in the distant mountain range of Snowdonia. In many senses, then, Wales is an old, old land, and the traces of the past are everywhere across the landscape.


You can read more of the Iron Man’s story at Warrior Wind-Singer Of Llyn

36 thoughts on “Spirit of the Past: Black & White Sunday

  1. I love this sculpture. I have seen it before on your blog, and would be very happy to see it many times more….It’s a powerful piece set in such glorious landscape and your black and white photograph does it great justice. I also think it could be a woman. Janet:)

  2. The date of the sculpture is not really relevant when it is evocative of such a distant past. I admired it before and I’ll say it again it is a wonderful capture, Tish. I hope your absence from blog will be a good one.

    1. Cheers, Paula. I’m back now. Glad you like this sculpture. I’ve been busy capturing more traces of the past up in Derbyshire. Not sure how the photos have turned out yet, but hope to have some new stuff for future challenges. Wishing you a good weekend. 🙂

      1. Well there may just be glimpses of where we went turning up to link with one of your Monday walks, Jo. I was thinking of you as I went about snapping Derbyshire scenes hither and thither.

  3. Hey Tish – it is nice to see the different versions and I agree it could be a woman – love the background connection too – 🙂
    hope you enjoy a couple days off from blogosphere…

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