This Morning Over My Garden Wall: Still Life


The wheat field behind the house has been harvested leaving us with a yellow stubble carpet to look at. At least for now. Doubtless it will soon be ploughed and re-sown. This morning I watched the early morning sun spread down the hill. Liquid amber. The garden was still in deep shadow, but even so, the rudbeckia were not to be outdone,  making their own sunshine.


39 thoughts on “This Morning Over My Garden Wall: Still Life

    1. Aren’t we lucky, Sue. We enjoy it while it’s there – before the landowner builds a housing estate on it, which is what he wants to do. Hey ho! But then it perhaps makes us appreciate it the more.

    1. Hello, you. Habari yako? I was wondering where you were. I did sign up for your blog, but have not seen any posts in my reader. Have just been over to read ‘Crows’ and left a comment there. You have a great writing style, Brian, so asante sana for coming here and leaving a link. And yes – a golden England today – who’d’ve thought it.

      1. Mimi na mzuri sana. 🙂 I just did not post in July (shock at the Nice killings. These things affect me greatly. I can’t post for a long while) Then I went to Paris last week of July and 3 weeks in August. 🙂 Including a 3 day “jump” to London. Can’t post while traveling either. But I have just posted a new one on San Francisco. Trying to get back to a posting discipline. Kwaheri Sasa.

  1. I love looking at a yellow stubble field. It marks the end of a season and the beginning of another. That in itself is what propels writers and photographers.

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