Today In My Garden




Never mind the Olympics, it’s all gold in and out of the garden on Sheinton Street. Over in the field the wheat is  ready to  harvest, and inside the hedge  the  Rudbeckia is towering up a good six feet tall. This morning it is rather windswept, but the yellow flowers look good against the blue.

Its parent plant once grew in my Aunt Miriam’s much loved Devon garden. That’s her fork in the first photo. The tines are twisted, making it unfit for gardening, but we keep it permanently planted as a keepsake and also as a perch for the local robin.

Beneath the Rudbeckia the feathery plumes of Golden Rod have just started to flower, and below them the red hot flowers of Helenium  are making their own carnival parade. All the stems (below and above) belong to a single plant. They pretty much have the red end of the spectrum covered. The bees love them too.


Happy weekend everyone!

30 thoughts on “Today In My Garden

  1. Such a fiery feast for the eyes. Love Helenium, Rudbeckia and the Golden Rod. Maybe I need to find some room – do they need full sun?

    1. They do seem to like full sun best, but their amazing growth this year is down to hen manure pellets. I don’t usually think about feeding the garden other than a mulch now and then, but was trying to encourage the hydrangea which looked a bit weedy. Unintended consequences then.

  2. How beautiful, Tis!. Our gardens are showing the effects of a long, hot summer. I think that September will be welcomed by just about everyone and everything. 🙂

    1. Our gardens were beginning to suffer too, but now we’ve had two days of rain. Hopefully it’s given the flowers a boost, though it already feels like September. I’m feeling seasonally confused.

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