23 thoughts on “Cornish Christmas Seascape: Port Wrinkle

  1. Glorious, Tish! That silvery cream of sea in the first shot is seductive, and the second one with a silhouette puts all in perspective: old man and the sea. Thank you for digging these gems up.

    1. So your dad was a Cornishman. Newquay is quite a tourist haven and especially for surfing. It’s a dramatic part of the Cornish coast. Another spot for the bucket list perhaps.

      1. His nickname in the RAF was Jan, after the term Janner, which although strictly not of Cornish origin, as it referred to someone from Portsmouth, it was close enough for the blokes in the Mess.
        I often call him Jan when we speak on the phone and it always gets a laugh.

  2. Two dramatic shots – especially like the 2nd one for its hues and clouds that look like the land that time forgot ps are you holiday there?

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