Unexpected: Monochrome Mawddach Sunset


The most unexpected thing about this shot is that it came out at all in such low light conditions. I do love the Dynamic Monochrome setting on my Lumix. It creates all kinds of unforeseen magic, even with much added zoom.

I suppose the other piece of unexpectedness here is the perversity of shooting a limpidly pastel sunset in monochrome. But I like the way it silhouettes the old railway viaduct across the estuary mouth. In Welsh it is called Pont Abermaw, and in English, Barmouth Bridge. It was constructed mostly from wood during the 1860s, and included a drawbridge section that would open allow tall masted ships to pass through, sadly not a facility much needed these days.  It would be fine sight though, so please add your own sailing ship to this vista.


Black & White Sunday  This week Paula requests we show her the unexpected. Please drop in there for more creative renditions of the theme.



41 thoughts on “Unexpected: Monochrome Mawddach Sunset

    1. Thank you, Alison. My Lumix is a simple point and shoot model, so the setting is on the MODE menu. It has all sorts of other arty effects which I don’t bother with.

  1. Darn, my tall ship isn’t in your area right now! I think the shot works well in monochrome (obviously) and would be lovely with pastels as well; different feel, but both beautiful. I love being able to change from color to B&W…and then change back if I like. I have a Nikon with all sorts of things I have no idea how to use and I really, really need to get out the disc that came with it and get to larnin’ how to expand my skills. 🙂


  2. This really is a perfect photo – all those lovely dense horizontals. And monochrome does here what it does best – shows shapes that would be lost in the “limpid pastels” of your sunset. That’s a glorious phrase too.

  3. I still haven’t dared to try this “perversity” :D. I am very grateful that you showed me how unexpectedly beautiful monochrome sunset can be 🙂

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