Over The Garden Fence At Sunset Yesterday


After tropical days in Wenlock we now have rain and more rain. There were showers between downpours for most of yesterday, and only at the last lap, as it was about to set, did the sun coming bursting hotly through the clouds. I caught its last beams here before it disappeared behind Wenlock Edge.

With all the sudden rain the wheat in the field behind our house is growing before our very eyes. So is our wildflower garden along the fence below it. Seen here are Moon Daisies (also known as Oxeye Daisy, Dog Daisy and Moonpenny). I love that last name. And keeping company with the daisies is one stately white foxglove, with a spray of cow parsley or Queen Anne’s Lace in the background.

According to Richard Mabey’s Flora Britannica  cow parsley (a member of the carrot family) has a whole lexicon of country names – some obvious, others not so. So here we go with a few more: Fairy Lace,  Spanish Lace, Mother die, Step-mother, Badman’s oatmeal, Blackman’s tobacco, Kecksie, and Rabbit meat.

And as for the foxglove, it was also known as Fairy Gloves and Fairy Bells. It has long been used as a herbal remedy that at times proved more killing than curing. And of course until recent times a compound version of  the toxin found in foxglove leaves was the drug of choice for various heart conditions.

It is anyway one of my favourite plants. I like the way it grows itself around the garden and crops up in a variety of subtle shades from white to purple, although it perhaps looks a little sinister, looming here in the failing light across Townsend Meadow.



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27 thoughts on “Over The Garden Fence At Sunset Yesterday

  1. Tish it is absolutely beautiful, you live in such a beautiful country. I don’t think I have have seen such rural beauty in any other photography than I constantly see in England! Have a great day Tish!

      1. Thank You Tish, for showing me beautiful things and places to make me want to pop over there. You don’t know how much I have always wanted to visit rural England.

  2. I love foxgloves…and in this image they are delightful. There is a magical quality about this photograph, and oh my yes, the rain keeps coming, and from what I saw on the weather forecast today….there’s no let up in sight…..Happy gardening:) Janet.

  3. Looking at some foxglove right now, through our dining room window. Agreed, one of my favourites too, a bit sinister knowing what it contains in its heart of hearts, ha!

      1. Yes! For about a week now, taking my first walk to the lake now with Lily.

  4. I’m often told that my MM photos aren’t, well yours isn’t either! I fall in love with moon daisies every summer and take photos in the cemetery trying to avoid gravestones.

  5. Beautifully composed Tish: the controlling gentle diagonal, the sliver of sun at the top of the hill, the clouds and the bouquet in the bottom right hand corner alight with the last light. Then Mabey and names to top it off.

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