Ludlow Castle In Its Autumn Glory

100_6732 - Copy

I recently posted a dramatic black & white photo of this thousand-year old castle – one of Shropshire’s finest. Here are the perimeter walls from a different angle, on their clifftop eyrie above the River Teme. It must have been a daunting sight for any peasant foot soldier commanded by his lord to get on and besiege the place.  It might explain why so much of the castle is still standing.


Traces of the past is the theme over at Paula’s Thursday’s Special.

21 thoughts on “Ludlow Castle In Its Autumn Glory

  1. Here’s to the gold and grey and all the colours that run from your pen, Tish! (God, I just forgot what season we’re in, seriously. I was ready for fall…no mind.)

    1. I think the planet has lost its seasons, so who knows what’s going on half the time. In Shropshire we are currently tropical, which is not usual by any means 🙂

      1. And I’m turning on the heat here, I just promised my wife, though sitting in shorts and shaking, blue on the tips.

      2. It does your head in when you can’t rely on the weather, even a little bit, even the gist of it. Not far from us in the West Midlands people are being flooded in flash floods, while we broil. Had to go the allotment at 6 am this morning to get the work done in the cool. Not my normal behaviour by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Don’t you wonder how anyone was able to successfully lay siege to these castles and breach those walls? Jerusalem’s walls were breached by the Romans and eventually, by the Crusaders … and I would look at them and wonder “HOW?” We should never underestimate the cleverness of those medieval warriors. Or for that matter, the ones who built Stonehenge.

  3. Are you trying to make Jude homesick? Or merely keeping Ludlow on the blogging map? This photo is a wonderful study in light beautifully composed, and I love your way of entering into the minds of the people of the past.

    1. Hope I’m not making Jude homesick, Meg, but Ludlow IS one of our absolutely favourite places, and somehow the atmosphere around the castle is v. conducive to slipping into the past, if only a smidgeon. It’s one of those liminal places – both in time and space.

  4. Wonderful capture, Tish. 🙂 I was going to remark that you’ve taken over from Jude, but I haven’t seen her for a day or two. She must be up to mischief down in Cornwall. I’m off to check. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I can’t begin to count the number of photos I have of this castle, and yes, it does make me a little homesick, but maybe that’s because there are not many castles this way. Plenty of history though, I shall have to see what I can find 🙂

    1. The castle demands to have its photo taken doesn’t it. But yes, Cornwall has its own striking remains – whether standing stones or tin mines – and so much to discover in new home territory.

  6. I had fun reading comments 🙂 How does tropical agree with you btw? I love autumn and if I had my way, it would be all seasons of the year. I love your colour version a bit more Tish for the lovely light and beautiful tones. Thank you, I am honoured.

    1. Tropical definitely does not suit me! That’s one good thing about our cottage being build into a hillside. Downstairs it is beautifully cool when all outside is baking. We’ve gone back to gloom, coolness and dampness now. Not sure I like that either! So yes, autumn, especially when it’s glowing as per photo 🙂

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