See How Her Garden Glows ~ Thursday’s Special


Here at our house on Sheinton Street – also spelled Shineton at the other end of the road, we try to live up to our location with as much shining and glowing as we can muster. This year the yellow tulips have certainly done their stuff, but now they are gone, and we’re waiting on the oriental poppies to keep the glow going.


Thursday’s Special: Glow

Please visit Paula to vote on last week’s park entries, and to add to this week’s glow

45 thoughts on “See How Her Garden Glows ~ Thursday’s Special

    1. That’s a very good question, Meg. The sign with the ‘shine’ looks pretty old, and is attached to a very ancient house near the town centre. Whereas our end of Sheinton Street going out of town has houses that date only from the 19th century, and so is anyway much newer as an address. I have a vague notion that Shropshire towns’ streets first acquired their signs around the 1920s. The name itself refers to Sheinton village, the road’s once primary destination. Presumably the people there knew how their place was spelled. You now have me thinking that I need to look into the origins of Sheinton. Sounds Saxon to me.

      1. Wellies granted, but bobble hat? I’ll have you know I have a very natty hat that the other half recently noticed had a distinct likeness to Paddington Bear’s. Somewhat chauvinistically he thought I should also have a label attached to me (as per said bear) for when I overstay at the allotment and dinner is at risk of not happening: do not return to Peru. Return to the kitchen at Sheinton Street.

      2. *Smile* That would be perfect! And a beige coloured Duffel coat as well.

        I insist Mr. G takes a photo of said get-up and you write short Peruvian-style memoirs titled, Tales From The Darkest Allotment.

        Sammy Snail and friends and the mystery of the Decimated Cabbage Patch.

  1. Pretty! We have no tulips at our spot and much of le jardin is busy deciding whether to hibernate or not. Still, there are a few yellow leaves underneath one of the fruit trees. maybe I’ll take a few snaps?

  2. I seem to have missed tulips this year, no idea how I managed to do that 😦
    Anyway your golden one with the pretty raindrops (or perhaps a cleverly aimed hose-pipe, not that I am suggesting any cheating</em) fills my heart with cheer 🙂 I had noticed the discrepancy in the street signs before and wondered which one was the correct version. Personally I rather like Shineton, but suspect it was a slip of the printer's typeface, a bit like the Mountian sign I spotted in the USA.

  3. I went to a place called Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia, this spring. Their tulip collection is out of this world. They had hybrid tulips that didn’t even look like tulips anymore, but maybe peonies. In any case, any tulip is welcome to ring in spring, in my book….:-)

  4. Such amazing detail. A perfect example of glowing. I also loved the chit chat between you and Arkenaten. It brought vivid pictures to my mind of you in gardening garb!!!

  5. Tish I see a lot of photos of flowers come through the blogs I follow but without question this one tops the list. I love the creativity, the water droplets, the vividness and the glow. Beautifully captured.

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