48 thoughts on “Snow in April?

    1. And now 2 hours later the sun is almost out and the snow melting, and I’m wondering how my potted on seedlings have fared. Hardened off I thought they were, but I don’t think they were expecting snow. And thank you for that very fine description of my photos, Meg.

  1. I agree with the painterly photos comment – we had a frosty few mornings and my rose of sharon shrub was hit hard – but I think it is fine…

  2. Great painterly images, definitely a tad impressionistic – I agree with Meg’s comment. Hope your young plants survive, Tish

  3. Your views are truly beautiful but as I sympathize with you about plants and well …cold, I am sending you warm rays of sun, which on the other hand we oddly seem to have in abundance for this time of year! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wonderful photographs with that vintage feeling.. here is cold and rainy… It has been like that for the whole week, and seems to be it will last another one… 😦 Alas!!! What can we do!

  5. Makes for beautiful photos, but I’m glad we seem to be finished with that sort of winter-not-going-peacefully weather. Yesterday actually felt like spring, today’s more like summer. I have all the windows open and really don’t want to do anything but read while sipping tea. (I had a nice walk after the farmers market this morning.)


  6. It’s COLD out there, campers! Well, it’s darned cold out this way also… but no fresh snow in the hills, probably due to lack of precipition… more examples of global warming?

    1. Well something’s in a real pickle, El Nino fall out or otherwise. Of course Sarah Palin is claiming global warming is all nonsense. Whoever let her loose…

  7. Lovely photos. The ”grainy” effect gives an Olde Worlde feel. Winter is creeping ever closer down here too.
    The mercury hardly got above 24c today!

    You may blow a raspberry now. *smile*

  8. I had heard that there was snow in Shropshire. We had a few early morning showers and one of hailstones along with a bitingly cold wind, but no snow. Just a beautiful blue sky day… but your photos are lovely.

  9. yep, it has snowed in our PyrΓ©nΓ©es, too… but we rarely have some snowflakes in Toulouse, every 3-4 years… even though the mountains are about 1h1/2-drive from here! πŸ™‚

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