Looking For Space On Wenlock’s Windmill Hill

100_7821 - Copy

This month the photo challenge at Perelincolorsโ€™ Tech of the Month is to compose shots that make good use of empty space. So here are some views of Windmill Hill, near my house – some recent, some taken earlier in the year. I thought that by having big skies in the background, or a large expanse of meadow in the foreground, and also by shooting downhill or lying down, it would create both scale and a touch of drama. Also it was an attempt to add interest to a scene that, though pleasing in itself, could not in any way be described as spectacular. And finally I was trying to capture a sense of something special about a place that I am perhaps overly familiar with. See what you think.






Lucile de Godoy

28 thoughts on “Looking For Space On Wenlock’s Windmill Hill

  1. They’re all really good , especially the couple with the dog. In the first the windmill us too far to the right for my eye, I’d like in a bit further in or cropped out. Just an opinion and I know nothing!

  2. I think the first shot, and the last, especially captured something special about a place that is very familiar to you. It’s a beautiful place, and I think you managed to capture some of the magic!

    1. Ah now, isn’t this one of the best bits about blogging – taking like-minded souls to one’s special places? I’m so glad you are back. Responding to your challenges, or simply seeing how others respond, really makes blogging a pleasure, and altogether more meaningful ๐Ÿ™‚

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