A bench for circular conversations and well-rounded arguments?



Here’s my bench for Jude’s Bench Series #38. This month she is asking us to find ones made of metal, and this is my favourite town seat. It surrounds a Wellingtonia on Much Wenlock’s Church Green and, apart from its circularity, it is perhaps not the most exciting of constructions. But it is in the perfect setting. And it has so many pleasing views and all through the year too. Things to watch out for include the annual Christmas Fayre and the Wenlock Poetry Festival…









Visitors to the annual Wenlock Poetry Festival adding their poems to the Church Green’s Poetree. The next festival is April 2016. Click on the link for more details.

31 thoughts on “A bench for circular conversations and well-rounded arguments?

  1. A well-used and loved bench in a lovely location which is obviously a focal point in the town. And probably the wittiest title for the bench challenge yet!
    Thanks Tish 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the Topiary around the Tudor building. And imported sunshine too!
    And what’s with the Terry Pratchett lookalikes these days? They seem to be popping up all over the place.
    As for the bench. I agree, any argument would most certainly become circular.

    1. TP clones are bound to turn up in Much Wenlock. After all, it is some kind of Rip Van Winkleland. And sunshine – yes – we had some yesterday when I took the first pic. Summer came back for the day 🙂

      1. Well that comes of rubbing our noses in your sunshine, doesn’t it. Or something like that. Anyway, the cold and wet is back today. Is that your fault too? BTW I’m bothered by that thing you found inside your hat. I once had a cockroach in my pants, and I was wearing them. I thought I would die…

      2. A Roach? In your pants? Yes, this would probably give me the screaming abdabs, as my mother is wont to say.
        There are still one or two creepy crawlies that I am uncomfortable with an the lowly cockroach is one of them.

      1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I’m imagining the design now and am tempted to go and ask the Big T to use his computer design super-powers to help me render it, but I think he’s hung an emotional “do not disturb” sign up today. Guess it will give me time to sketch something for him.

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