Bee In My Bonnets, Granny’s That Is


Today over at Lost in Translation, Paula’s Thursday’s Special theme is minuscule, which is a word I often have problems spelling because it comes in two versions, and that then leads me to make up  my own. Anyway, I instantly thought of  pollen grains, which made me think of bees, and of the small busy world of pollen gathering that goes on all spring and summer, mostly unnoticed by us humans. And so since I believe we cannot think of bees too much or too often, given the valuable work they do for us, here’s another bee snap.

I am also grateful to Pauline at Memories Are Made of This, who in today’s post also has bees on her mind, for reminding me a few a weeks ago in one of her comments that Granny’s Bonnets is another name for columbines or  aquilegias. So there you have it – bumble bee in my Granny’s Bonnets, but not in my actual bonnet, although my other half would often beg to differ on that statement.

copyright 2015 Tish Farrell

Thursday’s Special: Minuscule

37 thoughts on “Bee In My Bonnets, Granny’s That Is

  1. Thank you for the link Tish I see your busy bumbling bees are at it again… and your remark about the spelling sent me scurrying back to my post to check my spelling and yes, I had spelt it differently. So I thought I would check it out (aren’t we so lucky to live in this computer age when all it takes is the click of a key…) This is what I found.
    Usage Discussion of MINISCULE

    “The adjective minuscule is etymologically related to minus, but associations with mini- have produced the spelling variant miniscule. This variant dates to the end of the 19th century, and it now occurs commonly in published writing, but it continues to be widely regarded as an error”… I live and learn even at my advanced stage of the third generation…

    1. It is just amazing how many new things one can learn in a day. I think I’m suffering from brain overload. I’m not sure that human evolution has caught up with/adapted us to receive quite so much interweb effluvia in one day. Interesting though 🙂

      1. The brain, at least my brain, definitely hasn’t evolved to cope, and I find I forget just the most simple and basic every day words and often at the most embarrassing time…

      2. Oh yes. The retrieval system is often like a locked filing cabinet. The word is in there SOMEWHERE. Recently I’ve adopted the 20 questions approach – it looks like, rhymes with, reminds me of…Duh!

      3. Oh yes and don’t forget! going through the alphabet sometimes jogs the old brain cells, especially with names (Er now I think it was TTT…) Tish… LOL

    2. Thanks, Pauline – I have always used miniscule, now I know the error of my ways…… (And I thought I was hot on spelling!! )

      1. I always remember a university librarian friend telling me that when he was preparing student notes, his computer kept changing postgrads to postcards. Yikes!

  2. I’m a ‘mini’ mis-speller but even with ‘minus’ it’s a double diminuitive as that is what cule is in latin. Anyway bees in bonnets or knickers in a twist – long live the pollinators though alas there is a new downy mildew disease attacking columbines . My bet is the old granny bonnet varieties will be hardier!

    1. I heard about the aquilegia disease. Mine all grow themselves, and were especially prolific this year (a promiscuous plant I think given all the variations now arrived in my garden). But like you, I’m hoping that the feral kind are ferally robust. Grr. Take that you downy mildew, you!

  3. Beg to differ indeed. Something rattled your cage, Miss T? 🙂

    I never worry too much about spelling as Spellcheck takes care of any dyslexic idiosyncrasies I may have. The ‘I, e’ thing for believe often creeps in.

    Don’t know if we have these flowers over here?
    Though I expect we do, as Colonials brought pretty much a piece of everything at one point, but we do not have them at our spot.
    I must check my nursery.

  4. Bee autiful. I only knew these plants as Granny’s Bonnets until a few years ago when I figured out they were also called columbines. But here’s a question. Does Granny have more than one bonnet? Or should we write Grannies’ Bonnets? Or Granny’s Bonnet, or be modern and forget the apostrophe?

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